finished controller

I am inquisitive, highly creative, practically minded and love designing, building or maintaining high quality artefacts and environments.

I specialise in solving problems that require innovative thinking and cross-platform skills. 

I trained with blue chip manufacturing companies running component production lines for the likes of Rolls Royce, Hewlett Packard and BAE Systems.  I have a background in toolmaking, carpentry, music production, sound engineering, IT, injection moulding, press-forming and bike building.  I possess a moderate degree of knowledge in the electrical, electronic, masonry and plumbing disciplines and have good tailoring skills (upholstery, bespoke clothing and accessories).  I have also to date designed and fitted out two standard shipping containers for use as insulated, self-powered, off-grid workspaces.

Clarity of budget, time, boundaries and priorities, plus a rough sketch (visual, verbal or written) and a solid handshake are all I need to transform expectations into agreements, desires into reality.

I strongly believe in sustainable living and protecting our planet, so naturally, I use only the finest and most ecologically sound materials and processes.  This philosophy extends to commuting by bike or using public transport wherever possible, minimising my carbon footprint.  I have no interest in working with materials or projects that do not have sustainability or internalised costs built in, so please do not contact me for such works.

When I’m not making, fixing, repairing or designing, I enjoy music and cycling